About me

My name is Oliver Polden. I founded Online Magnetism in November 2011.

Quite simply I love online business. My other loves are psychology, good food, flying and other sports such as windsurfing and skiing.

I have a degree in Business IT with honours from Kingston University in London. After my degree I worked for several Web Agencies as a professional Drupal developer building high profile websites such as Now Music and The Brit Oval, all having a wide variety of features. During those years I learned a lot about online business as well as building websites, design, user experience and branding. I later worked in SEO at Analytics SEO, learning techniques to get websites ranked high on search engines as well as growing and converting traffic.

Outside my normal employment I would go to seminars to learn about internet marketing and business strategies, stuff that was light years ahead of what I had ever learned in formal education.

Now I like to work with business owners helping them to make the most of their business online. I am not a website developer, I am an online business developer so I want to work with people that really want to put the effort into their online presence. The internet is where business is going to stay and grow. Understanding online business is mandatory if you really want to reach your full potential.