About Online Magnetism

I am very excited to be launching Online Magnetism. This business has been twelve years in the making. Back in 1999 I knew I wanted to make a business online. Before that, I knew I wanted my own business and later learned that the best way to build a successful business was to 'leverage' yourself. What better way to do it than to have a website run your business 24/7 globally?!

"So what should I do online?" I asked myself as I naively read some fresh spam. Looking back, I tried a few ideas and learned some things here and there, but I'll never forget creating my first hyperlink. It was like magic, that same feeling was repeated when I created my first AJAX callback, then again when I found I had a knack for ranking high on Google, then again when I discovered the joy of Open Source CMS systems, namely Drupal. More of you will have heard of another called Wordpress.

So why twelve years? I still didn't know what I wanted to do. I went to university and did the wrong course. Then I went to university and did the right course: Business IT. I wrote an eBook 'How to set up online business'. Did I know how? Well... yes! Essentially it taught how to create webpages, upload them to a server and accept payment. Was I successful at that? I sold a couple of copies but two copies was not going to keep me from needing a job. Seven years had passed.

Over the next five years I mostly worked in web agencies building amazing sites for clients, working with some very talented people. I was learning. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew exactly what I was doing. I wouldn't take a job unless I knew it would get me closer to one day having my own business. I wrote another book. This time it was called 'Online Business Optimisation'. I really enjoyed writing that book until I realised there was no market for it. You see, is there anyone on this planet who owns a successful business that would have the time to put into practice what I taught in my book, let alone the technical stuff?

My last job and now partnership is with Analytics SEO. The icing on the cake had to be learning Search Engine Optimisation from one of the world leaders. I already knew a lot, otherwise they wouldn't have offered me the job, but what I did realise is that in the same way you need tools to build a site, you also need tools for SEO if at the very least to make sure your site works properly.

I finally thought: "If I know all this stuff, why don't I quit trying to teach and actually do?" Online Magnetism was born. I couldn't sleep, it felt so right, I could feel the attraction of the idea pulling me in. My passion, what I had wanted to do for twelve years suddenly felt so real... To bring attractive websites to the everyday business owner and to breathe life into the elusive world of SEO.

Online Magnetism is what SEO was supposed to mean.

Oliver Polden