How to make the most of "Everybody" that visits your site

You're getting traffic to your site, people are reading your content, but most of them seemed to disappear never to be seen again. What can you do?
Well, you could split test your landing pages and how you word your offer in your email opt in, which is certainly possible, but the majority of your traffic is gone for ever.
For a start, most websites have a bounce rate of between 60 and 70%. This means that 60 to 70% of visitors at best just read one page, at worst, they leave immediately. Those 60 to 70% of visitors arrived your site for a reason, they were looking for what you are offering. However you failed to convert them. It is likely that you could convert a significant portion of those visitors into paying customers, especially those that browse your site and weren't bounces.
Given the right marketing, you can convert them, but you have to be able to market to them. So how do you do it?
The answer is remarketing.
Remarketing is the ability to advertise to people that have visited your website. Technically it is advertising however in practice you can effectively market to your visitors accurately. For example, say someone visited a landing page of yours that offers information about a particular service you provide. You can tailor your marketing to that visitor and only show them adverts about the service that they read about. You can also do things like advertising a coupon code to people that abandoned their shopping cart.
There are legitimate reasons why highly qualified prospects will bounce. They could have bookmarked your page for reading later, they could have been distracted, there are many reasons. There are also reasons that people don't come back: they forgot about your site, they can't remember your site, they are evaluating competitors. Remarketing is the perfect answer.
So what exactly is remarketing? Simply put, it is display advertising which is shown on a network of potentially millions of sites, to people that have visited your site. To your prospects, it will appear as if you are everywhere which is great for your brand. If nobody clicks on your ad, then you pay nothing but you still reap the rewards of brand advertising.
If you are not doing remarketing already then you will probably find that it is the most powerful weapon you can add into your marketing mix.

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