How to be a productive entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur you probably find that you have thousands of things to do. It seems that every day the list of things to do gets longer, even the really important stuff. If you work by yourself you will probably find this particularly true but even if you have employees you probably can be a more productive entrepreneur.


What you need to realise is that there is a small number of tasks you do that contribute to your core value as an entrepreneur. These are typically tasks that you enjoy more than anyone else and that you can do better than anyone else and in fact are more productive then anyone else at these tasks.


Let me illustrate. Take an author for example. Their core value is not in them typing out words or even in their grammar or spelling. Their core value is in the meaning that the words evoke in the reader. As I'm writing this very post I am in fact not writing it, I am dictating it using DragonDictate. This means that I can really focus on the content of what I'm trying to say without worrying about spelling or punctuation whilst also producing words and a far higher rate than if I was typing, and I'm actually pretty good typist!


So, what tasks do you do everyday that someone else could do? One task that a lot of people do is cleaning. Now this may not be directly related to your business however it is related to your life and after all we all want to play more. If you don't have a cleaner that means you have less time to spend with your family, to relax, to have fun and of course to spend on your business.


One way to know if you are doing tasks that you shouldn't do is to decide how much your time is worth per hour. You could for example take your monthly profit and divide by the number of hours you work in a month. You should then delegate any task that you can pay someone less than your own hourly rate.


Next you need to find someone to carry out those tasks for you. Fortunately there are all kinds of people available online to do work for you, often at very cheap rates. A few sites to note are:



Other options are a virtual assistant or remote employee. These have the advantage that you can train them and they can become familiar with your business:



Virtual assistants can do tasks such as transcribing audio content, organising your calendar, answering calls and taking messages and pretty much anything that you can put into a step-by-step system. A virtual assistant can also be a great way to really focus on the task. For example if you are researching on the Internet they can find the best content and then e-mail it to you to cut out the clutter. Reaching out to people online is mandatory if you want to build any significant traffic. This is best done by searching on the Internet for your area of expertise and engaging with online communities, however it can take a lot of time to find the right places to engage. This is a perfect job for a virtual assistant.


Lastly if your business involves generating lots of content sharing software could be the right solution for you and of course software could be the right solution to increase your productivity in other areas of your business.

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