Time to get ranked

When I launched this site, I wanted to get up to number one in Google for 'Online Magnetism' as quickly as possible, partly for ego and partly out of interest. The phrase 'Online Magnetism' isn't particularly competitive but there are lots of old domains that carry more weight for that keyword phrase. In all not a particularly difficult task, but still needed work none the less.

  • Day one: After getting the site online I linked to it from one of my other sites. That domain is a few years old and doesn't really have that much content on it, not overly great for SEO.
  • Day two: I see my site pop up on Google in around position 25. I work out a targeted keyword phrase and create a comment with a link to my site on the best post I could submit a decent comment on. Over the next couple of days I add links from relevant areas of my other sites.
  • Day four and my site has jumped to positon 7. I find another well targeted post and leave a comment.
  • Day five: My site is in position 5. I add my domain to my various profiles such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Day six: My site is in position 4.
  • Day seven: I speak to a few people. I still see it at 4 but others say it is at 3. My phone shows it at 3 then I call Canada (From the UK) and they say it's in position 2. I find a few more highly targeted, high quality posts and carefully write some good comments, all either posting the domain name in the comment or putting it in the URL field. Later I check the search in a different (Signed out browser) and see my website in position 2.
  • Days eight to eleven: I don't do any more work externally but add some blog posts. My ranking varies between 1st to 3rd depending on whether I'm logged in and what browser or device I'm using. Interestingly, being logged into Google doesn't necessarily place my site higher.
  • Days twelve to fourteen: My site mostly appears 1st but occasionally 2nd.

I think it's fair to say that results of your efforts can be seen within one or two days and perhaps one to two weeks to see the long lasting results. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get to number one for a more competitive keyword phrase.

Watch this space...


Camilla (not verified) posted on Thu, 01/12/2012 - 00:14
Am very impressed Oliver! It's clear you are extremely astute, and I would trust you with helping me promote my business online anytime! Well done. Xx

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