Using YouTube videos to improve your exposure and credibility

In the faceless world of online business, video is a great way to project yourself and become a real human on the other side of the screen. Remember that all business is about building relationships and that is so much more important to keep in mind when you're dealing with the internet.

Creating my first video

Before I started creating videos I thought it would be hard to do, how would I sound, what if I mess up half way through. And therein lies the beauty of video because it is so good at getting across what you are trying to say. When you sit down and try to craft a blog post or an article, you have to think hard about what you are saying and even then it will be interpreted in many different ways depending on who is reading it. In a video, you decide how the words sound, you decide the tone and emotion of the video, you... are you.

When I finally got round to creating my first video I just went for it. I thought I'll just give it a go, see how it comes out. To my surprise I was actually quite impressed with myself! It didn't even take that long. It's a strange thing to say but in terms of value you can give in a video compared to a post, it's so much more, for a start, the length of time it takes to create can be the length of the video itself, a few minutes!

Do you need to edit your videos?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve. I see videos replacing a large amount of blog posts because they can be so quick to do. Often three minutes is more than enough, anything longer and your viewers need to ask whether they really want to watch the video. When your videos are this short you can just re-record them if you mess up. Later on you may want to have a go at editing but posting un-edited videos greatly reduces the amount of effort required.

Videos provide less competitive search

Competition on search engines is high for a lot of search terms. When you get content onto other platforms, your competition goes down. Consider the word 'shopping'. Type this into Google and you get about 5,000,000,000 results. Type this into YouTube and you get about 500,000 results. That's ten thousand times less results, or put another way, it's ten thousand times easier for you to rank highly on YouTube than it is on Google.

There's another even more powerful reason to get videos on YouTube, they appear at the top in normal Google results! Yes, they are a massive leap up in the rankings, just make sure you put a link at the top of your video description so that when people view your video they can click through to your site.

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