Your ideal customer... finding traffic and leads that love you

Are you struggling to get leads and traffic? Do you find it difficult to convert visitors?

Counter-intuitively you need to appeal to a smaller, more focussed set of people. Look back over who you have done business with. Who have been your best and most profitable customers? Who has been most delighted with your business or service? Who do you enjoy working with most?

Once you know the answer to these questions you can then target your marketing on finding and converting these kinds of customers. Keeping that in mind here are some questions to help you reach those customers:

  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What do they like doing?
  • Where do they tend to visit?
  • What do they read?
  • What do they watch?
  • Who do they know?

You should now have an idea of what kinds of websites they are likely to visit and the keywords those websites will come up under.

One way to get traffic is to post a comment with your link from forums and blogs on other websites but remember, the first thing you need to do in any business is build a relationship. These comments will likely be the first interaction you have with a potential customer. Make sure that your comment or post is helpful, you should feel good about having posted it. The best way is to create a blog post, download, video or audio recording on your site, post your comment together with the link to your relevant page. This is not about traffic, this is about targetted visitors that are likely to eventually convert.

Life is great when you find your ideal customer

When you have your ideal customer things are a lot easier. You communicate well, you are both happy to hear from each other and it's a joy to work together. You can provide better service and get more referrals. Remember, focus on who you want to work with, be the business they want to work with and your business will take off.

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