Your ideal customer... finding traffic and leads that love you

Are you struggling to get leads and traffic? Do you find it difficult to convert visitors?

Counter-intuitively you need to appeal to a smaller, more focussed set of people. Look back over who you have done business with. Who have been your best and most profitable customers? Who has been most delighted with your business or service? Who do you enjoy working with most?

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Time is NOT money

There are many misconceptions in this world, one of them is the saying 'Time is money'. I think that this saying is actually damaging to the world economy and even people's lives.

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Backup your Wordpress site to restore a hacked site

It seems a lot of people are getting their Wordpress sites hacked. If you're unfortunate enough to have been hacked then you will need to replace all your files and ensure there are no plugins enabled that run PHP code.
A plugin I recommend is UpdraftPlus which can backup all your files and database on a regular schedule.
Please note that EZPZ backup as described in the video is no longer available.

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Protecting your Wordpress site from Hacking

Your Wordpress site could easily be vulnerable to being hacked. Use these two easy methods to massively increase the security of your Wordpress site.
Please also see: Backup your Wordpress site to restore a hacked site

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