Balance: SEO vs User Experience

There seems to be a large focus solely on optimising pages with keyword rich titles and content. Remember that your site is for humans. It is far more important to get lower traffic with higher conversions than high traffic at the cost of poor user experience.

Before doing any SEO or PPC advertising you should make sure that your site converts. Of course you will need some traffic before you can test your site's ability to convert so you can try a small budget for advertising and some general SEO to generate enough traffic to test against.

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Why should I have a blog?

"Nobody's going to read my blog, why should they be interested in what I've got to say? I don't even know what to write about."

Then you've completely missed the point of a blog. You never know whether what you have to say is of interest to someone. You only need to look at items that are seemingly junk that sell all the time on eBay. There are no rules with a blog, write as much or as little as you want, just make it relevant to what you do and to your visitors.

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Time to get ranked

When I launched this site, I wanted to get up to number one in Google for 'Online Magnetism' as quickly as possible, partly for ego and partly out of interest. The phrase 'Online Magnetism' isn't particularly competitive but there are lots of old domains that carry more weight for that keyword phrase. In all not a particularly difficult task, but still needed work none the less.

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Is SEO an outdated term?

What does Search Engine Optimisation mean? It consists of two parts - the Search Engine, and Optimisation. Of course the goal of SEO is to appear high in the rankings.

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