How to make the most of "Everybody" that visits your site

When SEO can actually HURT your business

The practice of SEO is moving more into the mainstream. The fact is, that SEO is a dying art. In its most fundamental form SEO really just applies to the technical structure of a website - optimising the website in such a way that the search engines can easily understand it. Any professional web developer or development agency worth their salt should be producing websites that are well structured and semantically correct. If you use a modern content management system such as WordPress and you are using a decent theme then you should be safe in the knowledge that at least the basics are covered. You can also install plug-ins to further improve your SEO.

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Sell as if you are helping a friend

The most successful businesses are formed around a passion to help or create value for other people. The owners would give away their products or help people out of the goodness of their heart. However the fact is that, by taking payment for their products or services, they are able to do the business full-time and make a difference to many more people.

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Online Business Optimisation: How to get the most out of your online business

Online Business OptimisationThe full version of my book is now available on Amazon. If you would like to really get your website and online presence working for you then this book is for you: Get your copy now!

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