Features and Benefits of Online Magnetism Sites

Online Magnetism sites are built on Drupal - a powerful content management system. Drupal is open source which means the site can be easily customised and there are thousands of modules available for free to extend site functionality.

When you buy a site you have legal control over the domain, site code and assets.  I encourage all owners of my sites to allow me to continue hosting and managing the site for a small amount of $60 per month for which you will get:

Unlimited hosting

  • The site is hosted on an Amazon cloud server which provides reliable and fast service.
  • You may create as many pages on your site as you like
  • Unlimited space for your website and uploads *
  • Unlimited bandwidth *

Unlimited email at the hosted domain

With a domain based email address your business will look more professional, especially your business cards. You may also set an additional domain for a shorter email address.

Automated backups and disaster recovery

  • Daily, remote backups are created consisting of a full database backup (your content) and all files that have been uploaded to the site.
  • System files are held in an off-site version control system making it easy to re-deploy your site in the event of a disaster or copy your site to another hosting environment.

With these two backup systems in place you can be rest assured that your site is easily recoverable, even with a complete disaster and the most you will ever lose is your current day's work. More frequent backup schedules are available if required.

Online Magnetism training

  • Access to videos teaching you how to use your site
  • Access to videos showing you how to get the most out from your online presence:
    • How to get your site ranking high on search engines
    • How to set up adverts
    • How to turn a trickle of sales into a torrent

Priority request for training modules

I am constantly adding training modules based on what people need and what people ask for. As a member of Online Magnetism I will prioritise what you ask for. In some cases I will directly assist you.
  • Limited personal support
    • I love to help others succeed so if you need a chat I'm here to help.
  • Cost effective development
    •  As you learn to leverage your online presence you will want to add new features to your site. All Online Magnetism sites are built with expansion in mind allowing me to quickly and easily add new features. It may be a few clicks for me to set a feature up for you in which case this will be covered by my limited personal support for free! If you require several features or larger features then in most instances I can set these up quickly for you at my hourly rate of $60.
  • Business consultation
    • I love developing online businesses and helping people make money online. I want to help you help others and the best way you can do that is to have a passive side of your business where you set it up and it serves others and makes you money whether you're working or not.  

The power of your content management system

Drupal can do a lot of the work helping you to maintain, update and add new content to your site:

  • Upload an image once and it will automatically be resized for consistent layout across your site, thumbnail generation and optionally zoom to the full size original.
  • Create and edit content once: If you are listing multiple pages on your site, the summary or teaser content can be pulled into another, either as a full page or as a small list in a sidebar or other area of the site.
  • Automatic publishing and unpublishing. You can schedule pages to go live at a specific date and time, for example you may want to write several blog posts at once but publish them over a few days. You can also have other types of pages such as events automatically unpublished after the event has passed.

Peace of mind

Drupal is a very popular content management system with thousands of professional developers and organisations. It will run on standard hosting platforms. This means that should you want to take your business elsewhere for whatever reason, it will be easy for you to do so. I expect you to choose to do business with me, not because you have to, but because I offer you amazing service and value.

* Fair usage applies. I do not believe in charging extra for what costs me next to nothing but I do have to protect myself and my clients from any unfair use of my resources.