Premium Site Assessment

A full review of your website to identify areas where improvements can be made. The review covers:


The technical assessment checks that your site adheres to technical best practice for websites and SEO:

  • HTML structure
  • URL structure
  • Domain settings



  • The goal of your website
  • Navigation
  • User flow
  • Graphics


Content is the heart of your website but is yours rich and valuable information that you are providing your visitors?

Off-site factors

What could you be doing around your site to drive the most qualified traffic to it?

General assessment

In the process of assessing your site there may be factors that do not fall into any category or may only apply to your business goals. I am constantly looking for areas where any improvements can be made.


There are often possibilities to fundamentally improve how you use your website to drive your business. With my knowledge of what is technically possible I can find you ways to leverage your website in your business.

What you get

As part of your site assessment I will record my thoughts as I browse your site giving you precious insight into how a new user perceives it. I will deliver a carefully edited video jam packed with up to an hour of valuable information, tips and improvements.

To accompany the video, I will provide notes that include any links or relevant text to support the video.