Software Tools for Online Business

Quite simply the best software tools available to help you with your online business. I only add software that I currently use or would strongly consider buying.


 Ping-o-matic is a great way to let lots of services and search engines know when you've created a new post. It's a quick way to get the word out and can help you get listed faster on the more major search engines.


Quite simply a must have. You can use LastPass to store all of your passwords and more in an encrypted and secure database. It integrates directly into your web browser and there are apps for mobile phones and tablets. Not only that, but it will synchronise all of your devices so you never need be without a password ever again. You can also use it to store credit card and other sensitive information:

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is THE tool to use to get yourself to the top of search engines. With Market Samurai you can uncover amazing keyword opportunities instead of shooting blindly in the dark.

Analytics SEO Software Suite

A world class SEO software tool. Probably the most comprehensive suite of tools for search engine optimisation. This allows you to have a complete overview of your SEO for multiple sites. The software continually monitors your site so you can see if you introduce new issues. A few of the best features are:

  • Keyword research from various sources including SEM Rush, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and competitors. You can 'monitor' keywords so you can see how effective your SEO is.
  • Link prospecting - Find out where it's best to get links from including where your competitors have links.
  • Automated reporting

The perfect tool for big SEO agencies as well as anybody wanting a complete suite of software for their SEO all in one.

SE Cockpit Keyword Research Software

Keyword Research Evolved

SE Cockpit is perhaps the most powerful keyword research tool available. It gives you fast and indepth access to keyword data giving you valuable insights into the best keywords that you should target.