Terms & Conditions

Warranty period

Any work carried out on the site in question is guaranteed for three months from the point of delivery. Beyond three months, maintenance and security updates available from Drupal.org will be applied free of charge as long as hosting and maintenance fees are paid, any fixes to custom development will be chargeable.


I can terminate the site at your request. If hosting fees go unpaid for a full month then I will put your site into maintenance mode. If hosting fees remain unpaid for two months or more I will terminate the site. Database backups and files will only be delivered upon full payment of the hosting fees incurred up to termination. At the point of termination I reserve the right to take ownership of the website for my own use which includes:

  1. Selling the domain and/or website to a third party.
  2. Giving control of the site to a third party.
  3. Modifying the website for my own purposes.

You will be notified via the email address of initial correspondence before any such action is taken.

Membership costs and ongoing payments

I reserve the right to change membership costs or ongoing payments at any time. You will be given the option to agree to the new costs or to terminate your payments and access to any associated facilities.